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"The road to creativity passes so close to the madhouse and often detours or ends there."

Hello 👋.
I am Adriaan (or AJ), and I am a Web developer based in Canberra, Australia. I am currently pretty focused on building websites using the excellent WordPress platform. When I am not doing that I am building my own projects using React, Node and any other technology I can get my hands on.

I am currently the Lead Developer at a full-service agency called Mude. We are based in Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne, building and enhancing brands through video, music, design or web.

Check out some of my cool projects and feel free to get in touch!


Adriaan Janse van Rensburg


Learn about and develop large-scale solutions. One of my goals is to become a full stack JavaScript developer, the flexibility, community and ease of use are great when it comes to building any scale of project. I always enjoy playing with new libraries and techniques to expand my knowledge.

Work Experience

372Digital - 03/2016 to 06/2018
Front-end/WordPress developer. Worked on many small-medium business websites, building responsive websites. Utilised: HTML, CSS, JS, PHP

Isobar (Intern) - 06/2018 to 06/2018
Learnt about AEM (Adobe Experience Manager), built web components, created EDMs, updated existing client websites and helped with debugging JavaScript bundling issues.

Mude - 06/2018 to Current
Web Developer, developing websites using GatsbyJS, WordPress and integrating ReactJS if needed.

Education & Qualifications

University of Canberra - 2016 - current
Bachelors of Web Design and Production.

Top Ranking ICT Student
Award given to the highest ranking ICT student in College (Years 11 & 12) at Trinity Christian School.

Skills & Strenghts

  • HTML & CSS
  • JavaScript - (Vanilla, jQuery, ReactJS, Gatsby, Node, Express, VueJS)
  • PHP - (Standalone, WordPress, Drupal)
  • Design - (Adobe XD, Adobe Illustrator)
  • Firebase
  • MongoDB


Sam Brunno - Frontend Lead
Company: Isobar Australia
Phone: 0415 477 849

Tobi Skerra - Graphic Designer
Phone: 0402 266 765

Get in Touch.

I'm up for a coffee or a job, either one works.


Having the luxury to work at a company where I can build experimental projects.